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In 2010 the Club achieved ClubMark accreditation. Without it we wouldn’t have been able to qualify for the many award schemes that have fuelled our development over the last 4 years, from a struggling village club into a potential centre of excellence for the development of junior cricket in our corner of Wiltshire.

ClubMark is like a kite mark, a stamp of approval on the way a club is run. We must have been running it well because one year after ClubMark we were invited to become a Focus Club (one of only 19 in the county), in recognition of the quality of our junior development programme and our commitment to supporting Wiltshire Cricket in the delivery of its key strategies.

We’ve still some work to do before we become a bona fide centre of excellence, but, according to Wiltshire Cricket, if a club wanted to attract and develop young talent it would do well to base its model on ours.

6 years ago our Committee elected to base the Club’s sustainability on the development and retention of young players. It’s worked better than we anticipated. Our juniors and former juniors helped make 2014 the most successful year in the Club’s history. Of the 9 junior and senior teams we fielded 4 were crowned champions of their respective leagues, from Under 11 to the 1st team.

We’re proud to be a Focus Club. The status ensures that we work hard to maintain the high standards that are set for qualification. On the plus side it’s really satisfying to know that our efforts have been rewarded.

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