Please view our history of players who have made it onto the Honours Board for best Batsman and Bowler for each respective team. Also view our previous captains and our team honours.


[accordion_item title=”Individual Honours”]

1st XI Batsman 1st XI Bowler 2nd XI Batsman 2nd XI Bowler 3rd XI Batsman 3rd XI Bowler 4th XI Batsman 4th XI Bowler
2015 David Cope Tom Wallbridge Terry Strong Mark Styles Don Lohrentz Nick Cranston Charlie Forster Graham Milne
2014 Dan Wootton Darran Freegard Terry Strong Mark Styles Craig Simmons Nick Cranston
2013 David Cope Darran Freegard George Flippence Terry Strong Russ Buck Nick Cranston
2012 David Cope Darran Freegard Alan Wheeler Terry Strong Russ Buck Gareth Robb
2011 Andy Richardson Darran Freegard Terry Strong Terry Strong Jerry Kunkler Tony Plank
2010 Andy Richardson Nick Cook George Flippence Billy Flippence Darran Freegard Shane Bryant
2009 Jit Bhanerjee Tom Wallbridge Alan Wheeler Adam Lavis Mark Day Billy Flippence
2008 Jit Bhanerjee Nick Cook Alan Wheeler Roger Cope
2007 Peter Amor Ashley Rosier Alan Wheeler Ashley Elliot
2006 Peter Street Roger Barker George Flippence George Flippence
2005 Roger Barker Terry Strong George Flippence Bob Cady
2004 Peter Amor Nick Cook Bob Cady Bob Cady
2003 Peter Amor Nick Cook Paul Swatton Steve Drewitt
2002 Paul Balcombe Terry Chaplin Alan Wheeler Ashley Rosier
2001 John Wheeler Peter Amor Alan Wheeler Ashley Rosier
2000 Paul Lavis Peter Amor Alan Wheeler Alan Wheeler

[accordion_item title=”Team Captains”]

1st XI 2nd XI 3rd XI 4th XI
2016 David Cope Bob Cady Chris Armitstead Graham Milne
2015 Tom Wallbridge Bob Cady Chris Armitstead Graham Milne
2014 Tom Wallbridge Bob Cady Chris Armitstead
2013 Tom Wallbridge Bob Cady Chris Armitstead
2012 Tom Wallbridge Bob Cady Chris Armitstead
2011 James Beaumont Bob Cady Russ Buck
2010 James Beaumont Bob Cady Russ Buck
2009 Jerry Kunkler Bob Cady Nick Patel
2008 Jerry Kunkler Bob Cady
2007 Jerry Kunkler Bob Cady
2006 Roger Barker Bob Cady
2005 Roger Barker Bob Cady
2004 Roger Barker Bob Cady
2003 Roger Barker Bob Cady
2002 Terry Chaplin Bob Cady
2001 Terry Chaplin Bob Cady
2000 Terry Chaplin Bob Cady

[accordion_item title=”Team Honours”]

1st XI 2nd XI 3rd XI 4th XI Savernake Evening League Savernake Evening League KO Cup Savernake Evening League Plate North Wilts League 20/20 KO Cup Winners Wiltshire Wallop
2015 WEPL Wiltshire League 2nd XI Runners Up Winners Winners
2014 WEPL Wiltshire League Winners Wilts League Div 6 Winners Winners
2013 WEPL Wiltshire League Runners Up Winners
2012 WEPL Wiltshire League Runners Up Winners Winners
2011 Wilts League Div 1 Winners Runners Up Runners Up Winners
2010 Wilts League Div 2 Winners Wilts League Div 7 Winners Winners Winners
2009 Wilts League Div 4 Winners Winners
2008 Winners
2007 3rd Promoted to Wilts League Div 1 Wilts League Div 5 Runners Up
2006 Wilts League Div 6 Runners Up
2005 Wilts League Div 3 Winners
2002 Runners Up Winners
2001 Wilts League Div 2 Runners Up Winners Winners
2000 Winners



Life Members:

Peter Amor

Peter Deck

Robert Hector

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